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About Us

Kihon karate and Fitness University is an internationally recognized institution, affiliated with World Karate Federation, Japan Karate Federation, World Women Karate Federation, Pakistan Olympic Committee and Pakistan Sport Board. The word Kihon is derived from Japanese language, which mean basic, indispensable, vital or fundamental. Our Institution has been serving in the under discussion field since 1989 across the province. Since then tens of thousands of people have been trained in various fields of Martial Arts & physical fitness and now serving in different governmental and educational departments. Aims & Objectives In Pakistan in general and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular women are ignored in every field of life. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa considered being less developed provinces as compared to other provinces of Pakistan. Due to social setup women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have less access to education, sport and other facilities as compared to women in rest of the provinces of Pakistan. In most of the South east developing countries, women play submissive role, more as a home maker than as a decision maker outside the home. These women are vulnerable group and inaccessible to health services, development and other support system to live a quality life, compared to other citizens. They play major roles in shaping the future of nation as mothers but also as contributors to the country’s economy, education and sports. Hence, I believe that women are critical to development of a country. By empowering them with basic rights, opportunities in every field including sports.. So, I feel women as nation builders can play a vital role in different field in general and in sports in particular. The main aims and objectives of establishing a separated Department of Karate& Fitness for women to provide opportunities to our female folk to learn Martial Arts & Physical fitness in a seperated (under female instructors), safe and comfortable atmosphere.